why mitochondria?

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MiGenes Database is coming soon.

MiGenes is a relational database of mitochondrial-related gene products. It includes major model organisms such as human, mouse, rat, fruit fly, worm, baker’s yeast and fission yeast. The MiGenes database has four unique features in comparison with other databases of mitochondrial proteins.

  • MiGenes was created to organize information on mitochondrial proteins in humans and several model organisms including mouse, rat, frog, fruit fly, worm, baker’s yeast and fission yeast.
  • MiGenes permits a user to retrieve information on a protein using a variety of aliases and alternative accession numbers by which the protein may be known.
  • MiGenes supports batchwise searches that enable a researcher to input several accession numbers at a time to identify the proteins they represent.
  • MiGenes will provide an advanced interface with the standardized nomenclature of the Gene Ontology consortium to permit searching for all proteins identified with a specific GO term. Thus, it will be possible to search for all human proteins involved in mtDNA replication or all mouse proteins involved in lipid metabolism, etc.

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