Our group wants to understand the molecular mechanism of signaling proteins and how small molecule ligands and drugs can modulate their activity.

We are focusing on two projects:

  1. -Solution dynamics of protein tyrosine kinases involved in cancer.

  1. -Substrate spectrum of ubiquitin ligases and conjugating enzymes in aging.

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Welcome to Markus Seeliger’s Lab



Zack Foda is the recipient of the NIH Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Service (NRSA) Predoctoral Fellowship. Congratulations, Zack!


Congratulations to our undergrad, Jevon Fragoso, for being awarded the URECA grant for summer research!


Congratulations to Zack Foda and Grace Tan for passing their Qualifying Exams to officially rise to PhD candidacy!


Congratulations to our very own George Georghiou for winning the van der Kloot Award for Excellence in Research!


Let’s take a retrospective look at the renovations leading up to our moving into the new lab.


We have moved into our newly renovated lab space! Check out how we celebrated the opening of our lab with the Department. 


Our heartiest congratulations to our undergraduate Michael Pulkoski-Gross for graduating cum laude from Stony Brook University! Michael was also recipient of the Sir James Black award and the Dean’s Choice award.