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Ph.D. in Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology 

Welcome to the Graduate Program in Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology!

The program brings together gifted students, scientists and physicians striving to explore the biochemical and molecular biological mechanisms that regulate cell and organ function, and the design and development of effective pharmacological means to intervene in them when they are errant.

Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology is an interdepartmental Graduate Program with faculty from the Department of Pharmacological Sciences, other Departments at Stony Brook and scientists from Brookhaven National Laboratories and Cold Spring Harbor Laboratories. It offers a comprehensive research and educational experience ranging from the basic biological sciences to the imaging of biological processes in cell and tissue cultures and mammals. The research interests of our training faculty include the therapeutics of cancer and infectious diseases, cardiovascular and endocrine pharmacology, neuropharmacology and drug design. The coursework in the program provides advanced knowledge in pharmacology and in biochemistry, molecular genetics, cell biology, immunology, structural and computational biology and neuropharmacology.

The quality of the education and training offered by our Program is reflected by 38 years of continuous NIH-funded training grant support, the participation of many affiliated faculty outside of the core department and outstanding outcomes for more than 137 PhD graduates who hold academic positions at top Universities and in the pharmaceutical industry. In the last fifteen years, we have graduated 61 students, with an average time to degree of 4.9 years, with over 90% of our students graduating in no more than 6 years after entering the program.

Our goal is to provide education, support and a training environment that successfully prepares students for subsequent academic or industrial career opportunities.

We are looking forward to meeting you.


Graduate Program Director: 

Miguel Garcia-Diaz

Phone: 631-444-3054


Graduate Program Associate Director: 

Holly Colognato

Phone: 631-444-7815


Graduate Program Coordinator:

Odalis Hernandez

Phone:  631-444-3057


Related Office:

Administrator for MSTP students:

Carron Allen

Phone:  631-444-3219