Graduate Program

Amber Bonds, BS

Advisor: Dr. Sampson

Understanding the role of cholesterol utilization in Mycobacterium tuberculosis
  • Biography

I'm from Mount Vernon, NY. I love traveling. I have been to three continents and have plans of visiting all seven. On my free time, I enjoy taking part in Zumba fitness and Yoga classes. I hope to one day become the director of a biotechnology company and use science to help others. I'm an out-going and friendly person who likes to learn about the story of each individual I meet.



Yang M, Lu R, Guja KE, Wipperman MF, St Clair JR, Bonds AC, Garcia-Diaz M, Sampson NS (2015). “Unraveling Cholesterol Catabolism in Mycobacterium tuberculosis: ChsE4-ChsE5  Acyl-CoA Dehydrogenase Initiates β-oxidation of 3-Oxo-cholest-4-3n-26-oyl CoA.” ACS Infect.Dis. 1(2): 110-12.