Graduate Program

Michael Caponegro

Advisor: Dr. Stella Tsirka
  • Biography

Originally from Saint James, NY, I obtained a Bachelor's of Science with a concentration in biochemistry from SUNY Oneonta in 2013. I briefly undertook a small undergraduate research project, working with Dr. Allan Green, identifying Oxamate's effect on glucose uptake and glycolysis in rat adipocytes. After graduating I worked in a QC lab for a year to gain laboratory skills and experience. Seeking to further my education and move into the research field of the basic science industry, I have come to Stony Brook University and am now working under Dr. Stella Tsirka. My work primarily deals with neuronal damage and inflammation of the spinal cord resulting from injury. Outside of the lab I enjoy playing music, bowling, hiking, craft beers, and of course, eating Italian cuisine. I look forward to a rewarding experience here at Stony Brook.