Graduate Program

Bruno Carvalho, B.S.

  • Biography

I am a Brazilian student interested in cancer and molecular biology. In the past, I worked with cancer biology, analytical environmental chemistry and drug metabolism. I had the privilege to research in the academia, pharmaceutical industry (Abbvie) and governmental laboratories (NY state department of health). I am really glad to be here in Stony Brook University now, pursuing my PhD in Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology.
A quick overview of my hobbies is: music, jiu-jitsu and science communication. And as cliché as it sounds, I also love traveling.


1. Vilanova-Costa, C. A. S. T., Porto, H. K. P., Pereira, L. C. G., Carvalho, B. P., dos Santos, W. B., & de Paula Silveira-Lacerda, E. (2015). MDR1 and cytochrome P450 gene-expression profiles as markers of chemosensitivity in human chronic myelogenous leukemia cells treated with cisplatin and Ru (III) metallocomplexes. Biological trace element research, 163(1-2), 39-47.

2. Asimakopoulos, A. G., Xue, J., De Carvalho, B. P., Iyer, A., Abualnaja, K. O., Yaghmoor, S. S., ... & Kannan, K. (2015). Urinary biomarkers of exposure to 57 xenobiotics and its association with oxidative stress in a population in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Environmental research.

“Antibiotic treatment modulates Hepatic and Intestinal CYP Expression”
·         School of Public Health Annual Student Poster Day
·         Carvalho, B.P.; Zhang, Q.Y.
·         2016 – Albany,NY
“Prediction of CYP2B6 and 3A4 Induction potential with RIS in Primary Human Hepatocytes”
·         19th North American ISSX conference
·         Sun, J.; Carvalho, B.P.; Shebley, M.; Lau, Y.Y.; de Morais, S.; Rajaraman, G.;

·         2014 – San Francisco, CA