Graduate Program

Luisa Escobar-Hoyos, BA, MA

Advisor: Dr. Kenneth Shroyer

Cervical Cancer Biomarkers
  • Biography

Luisa has a Bachelor’s degree in Biology from Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Colombia, and is soon to have a Master’s degree in Biomedical Sciences from Universidad del Valle, Colombia. She is currently still involved in 2 collaborative research projects outside of SBU: one between Universidad del Cauca, Colombia and Columbia University, and the second with University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign involving Genetic Toxicology and Molecular Epidemiology, respectively.  Luisa is a Fulbright Scholar, and a second year student at Dr. Shroyer’s Pathology Translational Research Laboratory where currently she is working on Cervical Cancer molecular prognostic markers.


Research Description:
 Serpin family-endogenous are Serine protease inhibitors, and have been explored as serologic markers of cervical squamous cell carcinoma (CSCC), but have not been well characterized as a prognostic marker at the tissue level. SCCA1 and 2 are highly homologous, 91% identical at the amino acid level but target different proteases, cysteine and serine proteases, respectively. Currently we are want to determine if the expression of SCCA1/2 is related to CSCC tumor grade and stage and to correlate it with the expression of other molecular mediated transformation markers (p16ink4a and Ki-67) and HPV status.


Awards / Extracurricular Importance:
Fulbright Colombia Scholar 2010



  1. E. Chen, S. Mehmood, S. Burke, J. Chu, D. Pal, L.F. Escobar-Hoyos, K.R. Shroyer, Immunochemical Validation of SCCA expression in cervical carcinoma [in preparation], (2011).
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Advisor: Dr. Kenneth Shroyer
Degree received: PhD  2015
Current position: Postdoctoral Fellow at the Pathology Department at Stony Brook University.