Graduate Program

Lara Franceschinis Tshering, M.S.

Advisor: Dr. Flaminia Talos

  • Biography

Lara started her academic career at Sarah Lawrence College, where she completed her undergraduate studies in pre-medicine and chemistry. Taking an interest in research, she enrolled in the Molecular & Cellular Pharmacology Master’s program at Stony Brook University, from which she graduated in December 2017. During her time as a Master’s student, Lara worked under Dr. Holly Colognato and studied the effect of exercise on de- and re-myelination in the central nervous system, piquing her interest in translational and pre-clinical biomedical research. After graduating, Lara began working under Dr. Flaminia Talos on mouse models of prostate cancer, studying tumor heterogeneity throughout the course of the disease. Lara decided to return to graduate school to earn her PhD at Stony Brook, continuing the work she has started under Dr. Talos.