Graduate Program

Michael Li, B.S.

Advisor: Dr. Jessica Seeliger

Understanding Serine Hydrolases in Mycobacterium tuberculosis
  • Biography

I grew up in the Bay Area of California for most of my life before going to Washington University in St. Louis for my undergraduate education and finding my way to Stony Brook for my graduate education. I am an avid gamer and will accept most invitations to any form of game. Explain the rules and count me in.


P.C. Hsu, H. Wu, T. J. Carney, M. T. McDowell, Y. Yang, E. C. Garnett, M. Li, L. Hu, and Yi Cui, "Passivation Coating on Electrospun Copper Nanofibers for Stable Transparent Electrodes," ACS Nano 6(6) 5150-5156 (2012)