Cancer + Metabolic Disorders + Mitochondrial Biology + Neuropharmacology + Signaling

Signal Transduction in Differentiation and Development: Roles of Molecular Scaffold Molecules (e.g., AKAPs and Dishevelleds)
Cellular responses to DNA damage and the mechanism for mutation induction by DNA damage
Mechanisms of virus-host and tumor-host interactions
Regulation of Surface Receptors in Muscle Cells
Molecular Mechanism of Mammalian DNA Repair: Implications for Carcinogenesis and Antitumor Therapy
Molecular Mechanism of Protein Kinase and Ubiquitin Ligase signaling in Cancer and Aging
Carcinogenic Mechanism of Drugs
Cell Signaling and Ciliogenesis in Mammalian Development, Health and Disease
Genetically modified mouse models of neuropsychiatric diseases: how does signaling by axonal NRG1 proteins regulate the development, maturation and plasticity of key cortical – limbic circuits.