Undergraduate Program

Undergraduate Pharm Society

Who are we?

  • The primary objectives of the Undergraduate Pharmacology Society are to:

    1. Promote student interaction and faculty support within the discipline of pharmacology
    2. Create opportunities for students to develop research skills in industry as well as in academia
    3. Provide information for students who are planning to attend graduate or medical schools.
  • By inviting pharmacology faculty members and industrial pharmacologists to speak with students during seminars, we bridge the gap between faculty and students and allow undergraduates to find research opportunities in pharmaceutical companies and university research laboratories. These guest speakers provide invaluable information concerning various summer student internships, scholarships, and graduate or medical school admission processes.
  • In such a huge university such as Stony Brook, entering students are often left to fend for themselves in terms of academic advisement and support. The Undergraduate Pharmacology Society introduces an organization that allows senior pharmacology students to help struggling newcomers who are undertaking a challenging academic curriculum. In addition, students also receive informal guidance on coursework selection from their peers and senior counterparts. This is a rewarding and learning experience for all individuals involved.
  • One of our futures plans for this organization involves a published monthly newsletter that will help to disseminate information encouraging student participation and faculty support. Without student as well as faculty participation, this society is simply ineffective. This newsletter will also contain pertinent information regarding research opportunities, medical and graduate school admission requirements, and available scholarships for undergraduate students.

For more information regarding our society please contact