Administration and Staff

Department Chair Phone
Michael Frohman, MD/PhD 631-632-1476
Department Vice-Chair  
Paul Fisher, MD/PhD 631-444-3067
Departmental Administrative Head  
Katie Houghton 631-444-3052
Administrative Staff  
Odalis Hernandez (Graduate Program Coordinator for Pharmacology, Physiology, and Neurobiology) 631-444-3057
Angela Gupta (Staff Assistant) 631-444-3066
Daniel Ospina (Staff Assistant) 631-216-9194
Departmental Computing  
Paul Stern (Information Technology Director) 631-444-3830
Raymond Taffner (Information Technology Associate) 631-444-2732
Facilities/Technical Support  
Raymond Taffner (Instructional Specialist for Technical Services) 631-444-3065
Related Offices  
Danielle Mauro-Hernandez (Assistant for Medical Scientist Training Program) 631-444-3219
Jamie Hooper (Center for Developmental Genetics Administrator for Frohman, Brownlee, and J. Seeliger labs) 631-632-1634