2023 RSOM Faculty Awards - Congratulations to Jessica Seeliger, Markus Seeliger, and Getu Teressa (former Pharmacology PhD and MSTP student)

The Renaissance School of Medicine has selected the winners of the 2023 Faculty Awards. Every year, the RSOM recognizes faculty members who are nominated for their outstanding work in the areas of research, teaching, clinical service, mentoring and humanism—all of which are vital facets that encompass the mission of the School of Medicine.

We are delighted to announce this year's (2023) RSOM Faculty awards:

Aesculapius Award for Teaching: The highest teaching award offered to Stony Brook medical school faculty, recipients are recognized for the quantity, quality and impact of their work in seven domains of educational excellence: teaching, learner assessment, curricular development, advising and mentoring, educational leadership and administration, scholarly approach to education and educational scholarship.

•    Getu Teressa, Dept. of Medicine (Hospital Medicine)

Senior Research Excellence: The award recognizes basic, clinical and translation science researchers above the rank of Assistant Professor for their contributions to their department and the School of Medicine, their professional reputation and their noteworthy achievements.

•    Joshua Dubnau, Dept. of Anesthesiology
•    Markus Seeliger, Dept. of Pharmacological Sciences

Early Career Research Excellence: This award acknowledges basic, clinical and translational science researchers below the rank of Associate Professors for their contributions to their department and the School of Medicine, their professional reputation and their noteworthy achievements.

•    Hwan Kim, Dept. of Microbiology and Immunology

Excellence in Student Mentoring: Faculty members receive this award for their exceptional support of medical students, not only guiding them in their academic and clinical work, but also helping them in defining and obtaining their professional goals.

•    Cordia Beverley, Dept. of Family, Population & Preventive Medicine

Excellence in Graduate Student Mentoring: This award distinguishes RSOM faculty members for their outstanding support in guiding graduate students in their academic and research work, and for helping them define and obtain their professional goals.

•    Jessica Seeliger, Dept. of Pharmacological Sciences

Excellence in Resident/Fellow Mentoring: School of Medicine faculty recipients of this award are recognized for their remarkable efforts to support residents and/or fellows in their work.

•    Jason Kim, Dept. of Urology

Excellence in Faculty Mentorship: Recipients of this award are School of Medicine faculty members who hold an outstanding record of mentoring junior faculty and possess an exceptional professional reputation as well as noteworthy achievements.

•    Sandeep Mallipattu, Dept. of Medicine (Nephrology and Hypertension)

Excellence in Clinical Service: This award is presented to faculty members (surgical/medical specialty) with an impeccable professional reputation and noteworthy achievements, and who best exemplify a devotion to delivering quality care and teaching.

•    Henry Tannous, Dept. of Surgery

Leonard Tow Humanism in Medicine Award Presented by the Arnold P. Gold Foundation: The award honors those physicians who recognize the value of humanism in the delivery of care to patients and their families. They demonstrate integrity, excellence, collaboration and compassion, altruism, respect and resilience, empathy, and service in the delivery of patient care, role modeling, mentoring and teaching.

•    Grace Natalie La Torre, Dept. of Medicine (Palliative Care)

The RSOM congratulates this year’s winners, and thanks the faculty who submitted and supported the nominations.