Drug Discoveries, Student Research Showcased at ICB&DD Symposium

The Institute of Chemical Biology & Drug Discovery (ICB&DD) brings together researchers and scientists throughout Stony Brook University to study and investigate chemical biology and advance the field of drug discovery.

ICB&DD hosted its 17th annual symposium, “Frontiers in Chemical Biology and Drug Discovery,” on October 5 in the Student Activities Center. Renowned scholars in the field and researchers on campus shared their accomplishments and exchanged innovative ideas among faculty, staff and students, as well as researchers from Brookhaven National Laboratory, Cold Spring Harbor Lab, and elsewhere in academia and industry.

Introduced in 2007, the symposium focuses on cutting-edge advances in chemical biology, structural and computational biology, cancer and infectious diseases, and drug discovery.

Executive Vice President and Provost Carl Lejuez highlighted in his opening remarks the importance of this symposium as a venue to discuss cutting-edge scientific discoveries and a platform for students to share their research with the scientific community.

The organizing committee, composed of faculty members Markus Seeliger, Dongyan Tan and Jacob Houghton, recruited seven presenters from academia and private industry who shared their research and discoveries. Two students, Ian Outhwaite from the Department of Pharmacological Sciences and Kalani Jayanetti from the Department of Chemistry, were selected to present their research to the group.

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