Charles Iden, PhD (Professor Emeritus)

Professor Emeritus


Ph.D., The Johns Hopkins University

Postdoctoral, Brookhaven National Laboratory

Investigations of DNA Damage Produced by Genotoxic Substances

The focus of research in this laboratory is to examine damage to DNA caused by carcinogenic and mutagenic compounds and to identify DNA adducts or cross-links by modern analytical methods. Genotoxic chemicals vary greatly in their structure and reactivity, and the chemical nature of DNA adducts and other lesions that leads to a specific mutation has not been clearly established for many of these substances. Nucleotides and nucleosides have been used as targets for these studies, and while reactions at the monomeric level are useful, the substantive question is whether these adducts are formed in DNA in biological systems. Thus, investigation of reactions of genotoxic chemicals with native DNA is essential. Small amounts of adducts formed under physiological conditions and unstable adducts require state-of-the-art analytical methods to identify the full spectrum of products. High-performance liquid chromatography, capillary zone electrophoresis, nuclear magnetic resonance, and a variety of mass spectrometer techniques including ESI/MS and LC/MS/MS are used to characterize DNA adducts. In addition, it is also important to characterize the physical properties of DNA containing these lesions and to examine the processing of lesions by selected enzyme systems. Consequently, the preparation of site-specifically modified oligodeoxynucleotides is a second area of interest. Small DNA molecules can be constructed with any base sequence and may incorporate one or more modified nucleotides; they are synthesized on an Applied Biosystems Automated DNA Synthesizer. Modified oligomers are purified by HPLC techniques and used in a variety of biological or physical research programs.



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