Faculty / Research

Stem Cells

Molecular mechanisms of spindle orientation, ciologenesis, polarity, cytokinesis and axonogenesis.
Cancer stem cells and drug resistance; dysregulated metabolism in cancer stemness and tumor immunity; E3 ubiquitin ligase and targeted therapeutics.
Extracellular matrix in the brain: roles during development and during neurodegeneration
Signal Transduction in Differentiation and Development: Roles of Molecular Scaffold Molecules (e.g., AKAPs and Dishevelleds)
Cell Signaling and Ciliogenesis in Mammalian Development, Health and Disease
Genetically modified mouse models of neuropsychiatric diseases: how does signaling by axonal NRG1 proteins regulate the development, maturation and plasticity of key cortical – limbic circuits.
Neuro-immune interactions: Cross-talk between the nervous and immune systems in health and disease