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Year 6+

Elucidating Sts Protein Interactions
Developing New Drug Substances related to Gingerol-6 as potential inhibitors of the Pro-inflamatory Cytokines and the Inducible matrix Metalloproteinases.

Year 5

Understanding the role of cholesterol utilization in Mycobacterium tuberculosis
Defining the roles of post-transcriptional regulation in nervous system development
Investigating the Role of PEPCK in Colorectal Cancer
The role of alkaline ceramidase 3 in neural control of micturition
The Regulation of DNA Repair by the SCF Ubiquitin E3 ligase Complex and Its Implications on Cancer

Year 4

ionotropic Glutamate receptors.
Bioactive sphingolipid signaling in cancer.
Unconventional Approach for the Generation of Unlimited Stem Cells for Therapy
Exploring combinatorial treatment strategies for multiple sclerosis.
Immunology and neurology.

Year 3

Cancer, stem cell research.
Glia biology in brain homeostasis and neuropsychiatric disorders
Cancer metastasis.
Medicinal Chemistry, Biochemistry, Chemical Biology
The Effects of Cannabidiol in Microglial Activation.

Year 2

Understanding the Function of Chibby and its Binding Partners in Ciliogenesis
Performing organic synthesis on Curcumin analogs
Identify substrates of an E2 enzyme in the ubiquitin system.
Understanding Serine Hydrolases in Mycobacterium tuberculosis

Year 1