Training Faculty / Research


Maricedes Acosta-Martinez
Neuroendocrine regulation of the hypothalamus-pituitary-gonad (HPG) axis


Anat Biegon
Brain response to traumatic, ischemic or inflammatory insults
James Bliska
Molecular and cellular basis of bacterial-host cell interactions
Daniel Bogenhagen (Mitochondrial Biology)
Mitochondrial Molecular Biology
Elizabeth Boon
Chemical Biology, Enzymology, Bioinorganic Chemistry, and Spectroscopy
Mark Bowen
Single molecule spectroscopy; Coordination of post-synaptic glutamate receptor signaling by the MAGUK family of scaffolds.
Eric Brouzes
Analyzing heterogeneity of cancer tissues


Nicholas Carpino
Postivie and Negative Regulation of T cell Receptor Signaling.
Isaac Carrico
The research in our group centers around the concept of chemical biology
Chia-Hsin (Lori) Chan (Cancer, Stem Cells)
Cancer Metabolism and Stemness
Jun Chung
Associate Professor, Department of Pathology, Stony Brook Medicine
Ira Cohen
Physiology and Pharmacology of Isolated Cardiac Myocytes
Holly Colognato (Multiple Sclerosis, Neuropharmacology, Signaling, Stem Cells)
Extracellular matrix in the brain: roles during development and during neurodegeneration
Kevin Czaplinski
Anesthesiology/Stony Brook



Mikala Egeblad
Tumor microenvironment; intravital imaging; tumor-associated myeloid cells; breast cancer
Grigori Enikolopov
Stem cells; neurogenesis; imaging; signal transduction


Michael Frohman (Cancer, Cardiovascular, Diabetes, Fertility, Infectious Diseases, Lipid Biology, Metabolic Disorders, Mitochondrial Biology, Neuropharmacology, Signaling)
Lipid Signaling: Roles in mitochondrial biology, spermatogenesis, diabetes, immune function, the CNS, platelet activation, and cancer; - Imaging Pancreatic β-cells using metabolomics and MRI.


Miguel Garcia-Diaz (DNA Damage Repair, Mitochondrial Biology)
Mechanisms of mitochondrial gene expression/Mechanisms of DNA synthesis and repair
Shaoyu Ge
To examine the functional integration of new neurons into brain circuits
Berhane Ghebrehiwet
C1q receptor mediated cellular responses with particular emphasis on inflammation and microbial infection
Steven Glynn
X-ray crystallography, mechanistic biochemistry and protein design techniques to uncover the operating principles of energy-dependent proteolytic machines in mitochondria.
Arthur Grollman (Aging, Cancer, Diabetes)
Molecular Carcinogenesis: Mechanisms of DNA Repair and Mutagenesis in Mammalian Cells


Yusuf Hannun
Lipid mediators of cancer cell signaling


Shu Jia
Novel biophotonic technologies for understanding complex biological systems at the nano-meter scale.
Leemor Joshua-Tor
Structural Biology/CSHL


Wali Karzai
Biochemistry and Structural biology of RNA-Protein Interactions, Translational Control of Gene Expression, and Drug Discovery
Hyungjin Kim (Cancer, DNA Damage Repair)
Genome instability, Ubiquitin/SUMO Signaling, Cancer pathogenesis - Regulation of DNA repair in cancer susceptibility pathways
David Komatsu
Biotechnology, Biology.
Laurie Krug
Molecular Genetics & Microbiology/Stony Brook


Feng-Qian Li
Signaling: Cell Signaling, Cancer, Stem cells, Protein trafficking and Disease
Richard Lin
Intracellular signaling molecules that regulate cell growth
Ed Luk
How cells organize chromatin structure to accommodate and control gene expression.


Cungui Mao
Bioactive sphingolipids in cell growth, differentiation, apoptosis, and autophagy
Benjamin Martin
Molecular basis of stem cell development and cancer pathogenesis
Luis Martinez
Pathology/Stony Brook
David McKinnon
Molecular Physiology of Neuronal Firing Properties
W. (Todd) Miller
Signal transduction by tyrosine kinases
Lisa Miller
The chemical makeup of tissue in disease using high-resolution infrared and x-ray imaging.
Richard Moffitt
Bioinformatics, personalized medicine, pancreatic adenocarcinoma, mixture modeling.
Ute Moll
Tumor Suppressor Gene Research: Mechanism of p53 Inactivation


Lina Obeid
Varied roles of signaling lipids in cell stress and implications in disease
Chioma Okeoma (Cancer, Infectious Diseases)
Mechanisms of virus-host and tumor-host interactions


Michelino Puopolo
Anesthesiology/Stony Brook


Nancy Reich
Signal Transduction and Activation of Gene Expression by Cytokines & Cellular Defense Responses to Viral Infection
Basil Rigas
Medicine/Stony Brook
Robert Rizzo
Computational Research Projects in Cancer, HIV\AIDS, Influenza, and Method Development.
Thomas Rosenquist (DNA Damage Repair)
Genetic Analysis of Mammalian Oxidative DNA Damage Repair


Nicole Sampson
Protein Structure and Function
Jessica Seeliger (Chemical Biology, Infectious Diseases, Lipid Biology)
Membrane biosynthesis, structure & behavior in bacterial pathogenesis
Markus Seeliger (Aging, Cancer, Chemical Biology, Signaling)
Molecular Mechanism of Protein Kinase and Ubiquitin Ligase signaling in Cancer and Aging
Kenneth Shroyer
The molecular characterization of benign, premalignant, and malignant lesions of the female genital tract
Carlos Simmerling
Computational Structural Biology


Ken-Ichi Takemaru (Cancer, Metabolic Disorders, Signaling, Stem Cells)
Cell Signaling and Ciliogenesis in Mammalian Development, Health and Disease
David Talmage (Cancer, Metabolic Disorders, Neuropharmacology, Signaling, Stem Cells)
Genetically modified mouse models of neuropsychiatric diseases: how does signaling by axonal NRG1 proteins regulate the development, maturation and plasticity of key cortical – limbic circuits.
Dongyan Tan (Cancer, DNA Damage Repair)
Structure and function of macromolecules in epigenetic regulation
Gerald Thomsen
Vertebrate Embryonic Development
Peter Tonge
Enzyme Mechanisms and Rational Drug Design
Styliani-Anna Tsirka (Cancer, Environmental Toxicology, Multiple Sclerosis, Neuropharmacology, Signaling, Stem Cells, Stroke)
Neuro-immune interactions: Cross-talk between the nervous and immune systems in health and disease
David Tuveson
Pancreatic cancer, experimental therapeutics, diagnostics, mouse models, cancer genetics


Adrianus Van Der Velden
The mammalian T cell response to Salmonella enterica serovar Typhimurium.
William Van Nostrand
Cerebrovascular pathology in Alzheimer’s disease and related disorders


Thomas White
Molecular biology and physiology of gap junction channels
Lonnie Wollmuth
Molecular Mechanisms of Synaptic Function in the Brain


Vincent Yang
Identifying the causes and treatment of gastrointestinal malignancies.


Huichun Zhan
Hematopoietic stem cell biology